MTB Recharge 21

MTB Recharge 21

There is no half-way. We commit to the constant search for it and time on the trail. For the remote, the out there, the constant push and the explore more.
We are all in, pushing to the very edge of what’s out there. Search for the fun, the escape, the comradery. This is all our search to send. Enjoy the ride.


Tested on the fastest, and trusted to go the furthest. The Speedframe was the helmet of choice for the long 9 day escape and took on all conditions the Chilcotins could throw its way. With its 5-Star rating from Virginia Tech’s Bicyle Helmet Ratings program, the Speedframe Pro Helmet is set to stick with you all the way to the top on your next race run or KOM quest. This top-of-the-line MIPS integrated trail helmet features the best in safety and performance, kicking up the protection and features without compromising performance.

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